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DANIEL SWORD - Inspirational, Scandinavian Jewelry with Nordic design. After travelling in 65 countries, Daniel Swärd finally settled in Sweden at Skälderviken’s six kilometre-long sandy beach at Havsbaden, where he has his studio and workshop.


Daniel Swärd lives with the seasons. Summer offers sailing and diving. Autumn is the time for kayaking and windsurfing. Winter brings running and skiing. Spring provides windsurfing, rowing and fishing. This closeness to nature is reflected in the pure and simple forms of the jewelry.

Let DANIEL SWORD jewelry become a daily source of inspiration and the key to a more active life closer to nature. Wearing positive words about love, happiness and wisdom makes you stronger, gives you a life in your everyday and helps you live in the moment.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE Swedish steel (Buy One Give One collection)

Produktnr: 7529

If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

299,00 kr
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Ny EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE 18K Gold, Swedish steel (Lisa Collection)

Produktnr: 3451

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

399,00 kr

Ny FOLLOW YOUR HEART Swedish steel (Amanda Collection)

Produktnr: 3536

Follow your heart and dreams - they know the way.

349,00 kr

Ny I AM A WARRIOR Swedish steel (Buy One Give One collection)

Produktnr: 3253

Stay strong and believe in yourself - you are amazing!

399,00 kr
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Ny FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS 18K Gold, Swedish steel (Lisa Collection)

Produktnr: 3420

Follow your passion - it will lead you to your purpose.

399,00 kr

Ny Violet bracelet - Swedish sterling silver, handmade in Sweden

Produktnr: 01

Through simplicity comes great beauty.

Handmade in Sweden with Swedish sterling silver 925.

995,00 kr
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